Get Your VAT Advance in 24 hours

We will advance your VAT refunds in one fast, simple payment whilst also dealing with all the boring HMRC stuff, so you don’t have to.

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Last year, HMRC paid out £75 billion in VAT refunds

Don’t miss getting the VAT financing you’re due. In less than 24 hours, you could have the capital you need to invest and grow your business. Waiting for HMRC can take months, which means your business has to wait, too.

The ways you can get your VAT advance



We can advance your VAT on a month-by-month basis, so you can cover ongoing business expenses.


We can advance your VAT as one lump sum, so you can cover large asset purchases without affecting your cash flow.


Fund your new business and commercial property purchase

VAT refunds can help bridge any funding gaps you have in your business, and sometimes might be called VAT bridging finance. It could provide you, for example, with short-term working capital, finance the VAT due on a commercial property purchase, or give you the funds you need to renovate or expand your business.

Success Stories: How VAT financing helped ONTO

“ONTO’s growth has benefited enormously from our ability to access our VAT refunds and tax credits the moment they become due. The ability to access these funds has allowed us to accelerate our growth and reinvest in the business. Adsum has been a reliable and supportive partner for us every step of the way.” Peter Phillips, CFO at ONTO

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Am I eligible for this product?
Your business must be VAT registered or in the process of obtaining a VAT number.
The property or asset you are purchasing has VAT included in the purchase price (this can be found on the invoice).
You can be pre-revenue or in-profit
How fast can I get funded?
We will fund within 24 hours of approval.
What’s the application process?
Confirm your eligibility; get onboarded with our rapid, streamlined process; accept your offer and receive your funding. It’s as simple as that.

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