Get Your R&D Tax Credits in 24 hours

R&D tax credits can give you funds to develop products, software, processes, and services that will advance your business – in less than 24 hours. That means your business can stay ahead of the game today, rather than tomorrow.


It’s no good waiting up to nine months for HMRC to provide you with your research and development tax relief.  What’s the point of keeping your finger on the pulse of your business if you don’t have the capital to jump on opportunities for it to develop and grow? But there’s good news – that’s not something you have to worry about.

We calculate the value of your tax credit balance assets in real time and advance funds on top of it. We even handle repayment directly from HMRC on your behalf.
R&D Tax Credits Explained

The ways you can get your R&D tax credits


Our 12-month rolling tax credit advance

We can advance your R&D tax credits on a month-by-month basis, so you can cover ongoing business expenses.

Our One-Off Plan

We can advance your R&D tax credits as one lump sum, so you can cover large asset purchases without affecting your cash flow.

R&D Calculator

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What is your estimated R&D spend this year?
Revenue expenditure includes the following costs which can be included in your R&D claim: staffing costs, subcontracted R&D, externally provided workers (EPWs), consumables, software, payments to the subjects of clinical trials.
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Case Study: Electric Vehicle Subscription Service Provider

One of our users is a fast-growing car subscription business. This user purchases fleets of EVs each month. It distributes its fleets through a digital platform as a subscription service.
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Hear from a client

“It’s great working with such a forward-thinking fintech company supporting our R&D reclaim, allowing us to reinvest back into our tech and continue protecting the safety and privacy of children on the internet.” Richard Pursey, Founder & CEO at SafeToNet Ltd

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Am I eligible for this product?
“Get Started” with our portal to discover the tax credits you are owed. Adsum can advance these upfront up to 3 months prior to the submission of the tax claim or CT600. To qualify, your business must be loss-making and have eligible expenditure within the UK.If you are ready with R&D tax credit claim already, then Adsum can advance it in full up to 3 months prior to the submission of the tax claim or CT600. To qualify, your business must be loss-making and have eligible expenditure within the UK.
How fast can I get funded?
We advance all R&D tax credits within 48 hours of approval. All we need is for you to sign up to our portal and link us to your accounting and banking systems.
Can you help with my tax credit calculations?
We’d be delighted to. Visit the Contact Us or Get Started section to get in touch.


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PLUS, they will also get £500 added to the value of their first claim.
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