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The fast and frictionless tax credit specialists: Calculating and advancing your business tax credits in real time

1 in 4 UK businesses is owed a tax credit. Is yours one of them?

Make sure you’re getting the government cash you’re owed, but make sure you’re getting it from the right tax credit specialists. See what you’re owed in just a few moments, and we’ll loan you your tax credits – today.

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VAT Advance

Has your business been charged VAT on purchases which you can claim back? Access your VAT refund immediately with Adsum!

Our technology calculates the maximum amount you can claim and unlocks the cash for you immediately. It's fast and frictionless. There's no form-filling and no laborious reclaim process to worry about. We take care of everything for you.
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R&D Tax Credits

There’s no need to put your innovation on hold, and there’s no need to wait up to nine months for HMRC to release your business tax credits. We can identify what research and development tax credits you’re due, and loan them to you in a single payment or on a recurring monthly basis. That means you’re free to focus on and grow your business.
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Creative Tax Credits

Creative companies in the UK can claim tax credits on costs incurred in the development of TV, films, animation and video games, as well as theatrical and orchestral productions. Use our technology to calculate and access your tax credit in record time.

Let Adsum calculate and access your financing immediately. We handle the entire HMRC reclaim process for you and advance your funding within 24 hours.
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One connection for instant calculation and advance of your tax credit

Adsum is the smart choice for fast-growing businesses. Our technology eradicates time and cost-consuming manual processes. We identify the value of the tax credits you’re owed, maximise the amount you can claim, and deliver it to your bank account within 24 hours. We take care of the entire reclaim process with HMRC so you focus on investment and growth.

Adsum's speed, reliability, clear documentation and commitment were the critical points for me. I can say that Adsum is in a class of its own.
Mason Quincey, Partner, MAS Investment Group
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